Capitol accepts payments only via PayPal.


Prior to procede to the purchase of our products we kindly suggest to contact us to check if the product is available.


All the prices in the website are to be comprehended of taxes with the exception of the costs of spedition.


The bill will be emended only after the recievement of the merchandise by the client. Every client is invited to print the bill directly from his account. The client is also empowered to specify all the details of the payment including an address of delivery of his choice.


Prices include all the costs of packaging.


Capitol may at every time withdraw the order in case of sale of all stock not expected.


In case of defections or damages of the merchandise, clients have to declare them within 14 days from the receival of the merchandise. All the complaints have to be authorized by Capitol.


If the customer is from a country outside of the European Union, he must gather informations on possible customs duties that may be emended by his country of origin and that if any all the costs of the customs duties will not be covered by Capitol but instead by the customer himself.


Capitol declares that it is entitled to contact the customers either via e-mail or by phone for an additional confirm of the order.